The James S. Rickards Fall Invitational

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Description and Visual Aid of Sponsorship Incentive

Below are descriptions and visual aids (applicable to those denoted with an asterisk) of the incentives. We hope that this will give you a better idea of how we featured last year’s sponsors at our competition and how we will feature this year’s sponsors.

Announce at Award Ceremonies: At the conclusion of the competition, two award ceremonies are held (one for elementary, another for middle and high school) to celebrate the top individuals and teams.  Every school attends as well as parents, siblings, and relatives.  Here, we will announce our appreciation towards your company’s support.

Logo on Slideshow before Awards *: While math competitors, teachers, and family are getting seated, we will display a slideshow of sponsors that have helped us.  This will cycle until the ceremony starts.  The title of your company, a logo, and a brief insight on what your company does will be displayed.

Logo on Invitational Website *: Our website, http://www. rickardsinvitational. org/, contains important information regarding our competition.  Math teachers from each participating school log onto our website to register.  Many students and parents log onto our website to view past tests and results. Your logo will be placed on the home page. 



Logo on Signature of Invitational Email *: Any questions, comments, or suggestions from competitors, parents, or teachers are sent to our Rickards Invitational e-mail (rickardsinvitational@gmail. com).  When we reply, your logo will be featured in our signature ensuring that every recipient sees our appreciation towards your company.



 Logo on Slideshow before Team Round: As the top competitors are settling in and waiting for the team competition to start, your business logo will be projected onto a large screen at the front of the room.   

Logo in Pamphlet*: Hundreds upon hundreds (maybe even a thousand) pamphlets are printed for this competition.  On each pamphlet is a schedule of the competition, directions to testing sites, as well as ‘Thank You’ shout-outs.  Your company logo will be included here.  


Logo on Test Covers*: Over 600 individual tests, several hundred Open tests, and about a hundred speed and mental tests are printed for our competition.  Your logo will be featured on the cover sheet that will face hundreds of students, as well as their parents and teachers.  


Contact Information for all Sponsorship Inquiries 

Please contact Eric Zeng, Rickards Mu Alpha Theta Vice President of Finance, at if you have any questions, comments, or desires to sponsor the Rickards Fall Invitational.