The James S. Rickards Fall Invitational

Saturday, November 20, 2021

The 2021 Interschool

UPDATE (11/21): The Interschool answer form has closed and the rough answer key/solutions can be found here. This test was mostly just for fun, so we didn't create full solutions, but you may still dispute through the dispute form if you have a unique interpretation of a question. Thank you all for participating in this fun and experimental test!


The Rickards Invitational Interschool, similar to the FAMAT Interschool, is a test that all registered members from a school can work together on, with the help of any online resources they please! The test consists of a bunch of questions from not just math, but also science topics, logic, and even pop culture.

The test was posted here on Saturday November 6th, and soon afterwards, Google Form answer sheets were sent out to all registered middle and high schools. Any schools that register after the 5th will be sent a copy of the answer sheet in their confirmation email. The answer sheets must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday November 19th (the day before our competition) in order to be graded. When we hold our award ceremony, the top 3 highest-scoring middle schools and top 3 highest-scoring high schools (from across mail-in and in-person competitors) will be recognized with trophies. The interschool does not count toward sweepstakes, but we still highly recommend participating!

Interschool Test (last updated 11/6)


  •  The answers to Section 1 are NOT necessarily in the range [1, 999] as initially stated (this has been changed on the current version)
  • For Sequence 12 on Section 9, the first element should read "-1: 6, 3, 2" rather than "-1: 2, 3, 6"
  • For Question 3 on Section 11, the first sentence should read "Predict the maximum score earned on the first 10 sections of the 2021 Rickards Invitational Interschool across all competing middle and high schools."
  • For Question 4 on Section 11, the first sentence should read "Predict the score your school will earn on the first 10 sections of the 2021 Rickards Invitational Interschool."
  • For the later questions on "Factorial Phonology," some competitors have brought to our attention that the naming rules for very large numbers are a bit ambiguous. Please use the rules given in the website We will also accept a small range of answers around the "correct" one due to this ambiguity.
  • A few other attentive competitors have pointed out a flaw in Question 6 of Section 1 - the cost for Abhi to buy materials should actually always be 10 (not random). Since it's so late in the competition for a clarification, we've decided we will just give everyone credit for this question! 


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